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  • Kelton Lift gate HM1
  • Kelton Lift gate HM1
  • Kelton Lift gate HM1
  • Kelton Lift gate HM1
  • Kelton Lift gate HM1
  • Kelton Lift gate HM1

Prekės kodas: Kelton Lift gate HM1

Turimas kiekis: Prekė sandėlyje

Gamintojas: Kelton treniruokliai (home edition)

Kelton Lift gate HM1 

€ 1,134.00

Professional gate solution in your home gym!

Did you think you would never buy a gate like the one you can find in a professional gym? You can have your very own gate if you want to. Do you even know how many exercises you can do on it?

Technical data

Parameter Value
Overall dimensions
(width x height x depth)
400 cm x 205 cm x 85 cm
Weight 100 kg (without weight stack)
Tested strength 250 kg
Construction profile 80x60x2 mm, 50x50x2 mm
Base width 400 cm
Base depth 85 cm
Weight stack No
Load training weight stack / free load
Number of plates 15 (7,5 kg plate)
Load bar length 20 cm
Load bar diameter 30 mm
Weights minimum thickness 31 mm
Wheels: Plastic with steel bearings and deep groove for the training cable
Link: 4mm PCV
Bar clamping system 6 mm carabiner
Pull-up bar 110 cm (width) 6 handles
Bars in set HD6 for free (one- hand bar)

What do you get?

The fact Your benefit
Super durable, fully welded construction of 80x60x2 mm. You can have your KILLER WORKOUT whenever you need them.
Weight stack/free load training. You decide whether you want to buy more plates or use the discs you already have in your set.
Plate lifting (round profiles as guides) Only our professional equipment will give you such comfort and precise weight management!
Lower lifts. By using the lower lift you can work your BACK with high precision.
Bar heigth adjustment. You will set perfect starting position and you will be able to train every muscle group.
Movable, one-hand bearing bars. The bar won't limit your moves.
Full movement range. This way your training will be effective and safe.
Bar with 6 handles (27 mm thick) You can start your workout using 3 kinds of handles.
Heavy, solid, Kelton plastic wheels with steel bearings manufactured according to our design (retractable) Your lifetime warranty for perfect cable management.
Deep grooves. The cable won't last that long in any other lifting system. There's no need to replace it so often.
Doubly potected bearings. Perefect for your intense back workouts!
Loading system (rod with a diameter of 25 mm). You can start training with 250 kilograms.
Training cables completed with sleeves fixed with 2 hex socket screws. You can work with really heavy weights and you're 100% safe.
Rubber balls. Quiet operation, they protect the bars.
Two bars for one hand HD6 for free. You will be able to work on your chest right away.
Tested and approved by professors of the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow. You are sure that you are buying equipment that is proven by top-class specialists.


Here's a list of exercises you can perform using our gate:



  • Cable front raise
  • Cable lateral raise
  • Kick backs



  • Cable Crossovers (standing straight up)



  • Wide grip pull up
  • Neutral grip pull up
  • Chin up



  • Cable preacher curl
  • Side bend


Ramiona Triceps Biceps

  • Cable curl
  • Cable tricep extension
  • Cable horizontal tricep extension
  • Supported tricep extension
  • Standing biceps cable curl


Nogi Dwugłowe lub czworogłowe ud przywodziciele lub odwodziciele Łydki

  • Leg knee bend (standing straight up)
  • Hip abduction (backwards)
  • Hip adduction (inwards)
  • Unlimited movement range when using a bar
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