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  • Kelton Rack HS7
  • Kelton Rack HS7
  • Kelton Rack HS7
  • Kelton Rack HS7
  • Kelton Rack HS7
  • Kelton Rack HS7
  • Kelton Rack HS7
  • Kelton Rack HS7
  • Kelton Rack HS7
  • Kelton Rack HS7
  • Kelton Rack HS7

Prekės kodas: Kelton Rack HS7

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Gamintojas: Kelton treniruokliai (home edition)

Kelton Rack HS7

€ 1,070.00

Kelton HEAVY Rack HS7 is a powerful, machine-gym.

Designed for hardcore bodybuilders training for those who are constantly looking for new ways to develop and exercise MEGA sculpture. You belong to them? This use of the opportunities that gives you no way limited training on the Rack-HS7.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Overall dimensions
(Length x height x width)
160 cm x 240 cm x 130 cm
Profile construction 80x60x2 mm
50x50x2 mm
Reinforcing beams that profile 50x50x2 mm
Weight 150 kg
Tested strength 800 kg
Base width 130 cm (213 cm under the neck of the guitar or the Olympic 220 cm)
Base length 160 cm
Adjusting belaying and hooks on the bar 36 degrees (another 5 cm)
The lowest height of the bar 10 cm from the ground
The highest height of the bar 190 cm from the ground
Belay barbells as 3 belay systems (2 hooks, 2 bars, 2 beams flotation)
Pull the handle 4 stick to pull the handle (grip narrow and wide)
The possibility of mounting racks weights Yes

What do you gain?

The fact Your benefit
The design of the profile of 80x60x2 mm and 50x50x2 mm. You can drive to the intensive training with a very heavy load.
Tested strength of 800 kg. Thanks to it you feel safe during your workout.
A powerful, stable base. It will give you 100% security.
36 levels of height adjustment. You can do any type of training with a barbell. Starting position of the bar set at their ideal height.
3 belay systems. You will feel comfort and safety during his solitary workouts. You can at any time quickly put down the barbell hooks belay.
4 bar with handles. The ideal solution for warming up and stretching the muscles.
Full range of motion. As a result, your workout will be effective and safe.
Tested and approved by the professors of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow. You can be sure that you are buying the equipment checked by top specialists from strength training.


The list of exercises to perform on racks:

Exercise you will need a professional bench adjustable Kelton.



  • Squeezing the bar before the head
  • Squeezing barbell behind the head



  • Barbell bench press, lying on the bench horizontal
  • Barbell bench press, lying on the bench oblique head up
  • Barbell bench press, lying on the bench horizontal narrow grip
  • Pulling on the stick wide and narrow grip



  • Moving the bar lying on the bench in a horizontal


Ramiona Triceps Biceps

  • Squeezing lying on the bench in a horizontal narrow grip
  • Squeezing "French", lying barbell


Nogi Dwugłowe lub czworogłowe ud przywodziciele lub odwodziciele Łydki

  • Squeezing "French", lying barbell
  • Squats with a barbell on his shoulders
  • Climb on your toes in standing
  • Reverse climb in standing
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